Bringing Industrial Control to the Farm

Irrigation Automation made easy.


Water Management Decision Solutions

Farm Data Systems provides growers with the professional services and solutions to optimize water delivery systems.
We educate growers and their staff on how to best optimize data from field devices to make informed and timely decisions.

Farm Data Systems is a supplier of technology that works for farm Management.
Probe Schedule Irrigation Software

Get beyond the data and get to decisions that work:

  • Plant / Soil water relationships
    • Mobile device access to field data
    • Site soil moisture and temperature
    • Complete water balance calculations
    • Block specific weather data
    • Irrigation Forecasting
  • Pump / well data monitored
    • Water levels in real time
    • Alerts on preset conditions
    • Utility rate optimization / energy management
    • Pump efficiency programs
    • Pump Testing
    • Well video services
    • Well repair

Sentek IrriMAX Live - 2D Soil Moisture Imaging
DRI Test Site - Circle K Ranch, Elk Grove, CA

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