Farm Data Systems

Soil Moisture Monitoring

  • In Field consultation and recommendations
    • Irrigation management strategies
      • We review current practices of determining scheduling and specific crop / field strategies
    • Irrigation Scheduling recommendations
      • We review crop / soil requirements, discuss FDS Decision Support System options, then prescribe the appropriate strategies for water, nutrient and energy practices.

Hardware applications

  • What is the right solution?
  • Are assets in the correct location?
  • What telemetry solution fits the overall operations best?
    • Cellular
    • Radio
    • Satellite

Field Equipment

  • Irrigation System Configuration
  • Pumps / Wells / Filters:
    • Pump efficiency programs
    • Pump testing
    • Well video analysis
    • Well repair
    • Filtration Maintenance programs
  • Field / Nursery Valve and Pump Controls

Service Programs

  • Energy Management Plans
  • Irrigation System Maintenance Programs
  • Grower Meet ups
  • Training and Networking
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