Why Farm Data Systems It's all about enabling growers to be more productive and effective, and making more-informed decisions. That is exactly what Farm Data Systems does for farmers with our water management platform.

FDS Focuses on Digital Transformation of Farming Operations

    • Improving operational performance:
    • Labor efficiency, better decision making
    • Maximizing asset reliability:
    • Alerts, pro-active maintenance
    • Enabling Greater farming agility:
    • More flexibility on timing and application of inputs
    • Driving yield and quality improvements:
    • Optimizing inputs at a more granular level
    • Assuring regulatory compliance:
    • With timely, accurate reporting

FDS is a Systems Integrator

  • 15+ years in > 60 crops
  • 30+ years in IT & software engineering
  • Success with > 600 farms in tech adoption
  • Farm our own 200 acre tech laboratory
  • Best in class technology, processes and decision support
  • Foundation in irrigation management

We want to be your trusted partner for digital transformation of your farming operations


" FDS spent significant time assessing soil conditions through hole digging and sampling and correlating what we were seeing in the soil moisture with what the monitor charts were telling us as we sought to understand the complicated relationship between irrigation and tree health. "
Jeff Cripe
Walnut Grower
Chico, CA
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