Why Farm Data Systems It's all about enabling growers to be more productive and effective, and making more-informed decisions. That is exactly what Farm Data Systems does for farmers with our water management platform.

With over 100 years combined experience, our team has an intimate understanding of the water management issues growers face. We are growers, irrigation specialist, hydrologist, water delivery experts who are not new to agriculture. We have been here all along. We are using precision agriculture techniques, coupled with our proven success to create advanced solutions and deliver superior service. As a California-based firm, we know first-hand the challenges growers face on a daily basis. We provide user-friendly tools that allow growers to optimize resources, improve labor efficiency, and increase yields.

Since we are not tied to any particular manufacture, technology or company, we can provide exactly the solution that best fits the field requirements. That can be dependent on crop, soil types, water source, and irrigation method and crop goals.

How we work

Every project is unique in some way. Each grower has different goals and objectives.

We work with the technology, but what we are really doing is providing information. Being able to get and understand information is what we pride ourselves on. First, the technology needs to work and be reliable. Then we need to build trust that the information is accurate. And lastly, we need to be able to act on that information.

We work with each grower individually and custom design the solution that the grower needs. Our customers understand that they are the biggest part of the solution. We spend as much time as needed so that when they see the information it leads to an informed decision as fast as possible. That means we dig a lot of holes doing soil analysis, understanding graphs and charts and getting the crop what it needs.


" FDS spent significant time assessing soil conditions through hole digging and sampling and correlating what we were seeing in the soil moisture with what the monitor charts were telling us as we sought to understand the complicated relationship between irrigation and tree health. "
Jeff Cripe
Walnut Grower
Chico, CA
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